Welcome to FinnSpring 2022

We are sorry to inform but WRE status has been cancelled!

Everyone can still come and compete in series M/W21E. Last entry 17/04/2022.

Keravan Urheilijat and Askolan Urheilijat are excited to have the opportunity to arrange orienteering competition FinnSpring on Saturday 23th and Sunday 24th April 2022. 

Hope to see you all soon!

Starts and results https://www.kokkens.fi/kilpailut/2022/finnspring/

Relay 24.4.

10.30 D21 (women, ”Viestiliiga)

10.40 H/D10-12, H/D12, H/D14

10.50 H120, H150, D120, D150, D180, D210, H/D21AL

11.00 D15-18, H15-18, H180, H210

12.10 H21 (men, ”Viestiliiga”)